Saturday, August 28, 2010

Greetings at 2:45am...

Ok... so I'm up late (or would that be early???)... finishing up some card projects. Here are some new pics...

Simple Bird

This is one of my design projects for Sharon's Crop Studio. It's made with one piece of paper. 

Emerald Paper Pretties
Here's one of my new Paper Pretties done in Emerald Green. I really like this one... but my fave color is green. LOL! Wink wink! ;0)

Dragonfly Dreams

This yellow dragonfly card is the main project I made for Sharon's Crop Studio. I liked the green version better... but this one still came out well. What do you think? Yellow or green??? 


  1. I like the yellow one better. It's more natural & not as flashy!!:)

  2. Thanks girl! :) That's the one that I brought to the crop store to display. I did add some matching aqua colored rhinestones to the edges just like the first card.