Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Paper Pretties in the works!!!

Ok everyone! I'm working on 5 more Paper Pretties as we speak!!! WOO HOO! Pics to come soon! There will be 4 Awareness Ribbons and 1 Teardrop style. I've found out the following about the Awareness Ribbons...

  • Yellow = Support Your Troops ( I think we all know this one) and certain cancers
  • Red = AIDS/HIV, DARE and Substance Abuse
  • Green = Tissue/Organ Donor
  • Blue = Child Abuse Prevention
  • Purple = Domestic Violence, Animal Abuse and 9-11
  • Light Pink = Breast Cancer of course
  • Hot Pink = Inflammatory Breast Cancer (this is the sneaky type of breast cancer)
I've decided to offer Awareness Ribbons in all of these colors. If you know of another type of ribbon and want that color ordered, please just let me know. I'll do what I can to accommodate. :)

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