Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who supported our booth during Riley Festival this past weekend! We had a blast and will be back next year in the same area. Don't forget to look for us! :)
On another note, I still have Paper Pretties Pins and matching earrings for sale! I will be posting pictures over the next day or so. Please let me know if you'd like to purchase any.
We may have more festivals coming up soon... so keep an eye out for announcements.


  1. It was so fantastic to meet and talk to you on Saturday at Riley Days!! :) What a fantastic event!! My friend, Joanie, and I already planning to set up a booth next year!!

    And as promised...I'm now a follower! :)

    If anyone is wondering about the Paper Pretties Pins...send them my way!! They are completely fantastic and I don't mind telling anyone. ;)

    Come over and visit me at!!

  2. Hey Erin! I went over and checked out your blog and followed as well. I've also added you to my "peeps" section. LOL!!! :)

    Thanks for the props on the Paper Pretties... just wait until you see what I did with the earrings today!!!! OMG, it's awesome. I'll be posting pics soon!

    Talk soon! :)

  3. I'm glad your festival went great!

  4. Did you know that you are set up not to receive emails??

    When you replied to me it comes in as "no-reply" so I couldn't email you back! I have directions on my blog for how to change it...if you wanted to. I know some people do it on purpose though.

  5. I think I got it changed... LOL!!! Try it and see! Lemme know. ;)