Monday, March 7, 2011

And now... I bring you The Shamrock Pin!

So I also made a shamrock pin out of the stamp I got from the Outlines booth. There was really only one thing on my "list" that I absolutely just HAD to buy and this was it. LOL! :0) So why did so many other things make it home with me???? Hmmm... I digress... ha! 

This time, I used the Pearl Pens I also purchased from the Outlines booth. Basically, they are little paint bead pens that you use instead of putting on crystals. My next one will be done in crystals. I can't wait to see how it turns out. But I was interested to see how these pens worked... I did buy 9 of them. LOL!!! :0) And I must say, I am pleased with the outcome. So what does everyone think???? 


  1. Oh wow!! I love how uniform all of your pearls are! I just may have to invest in some of these!!

  2. Thanks! It's takes a minute to get used to the flow of the pen... but so far, I'm really impressed with them. :0)