Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big Trouble in Little Craft Room...

Uh oh girls! If the DH finds out how much I spent at the craft show... I'm gonna be in big time trouble! LOL!!!! ;0) It was incredible though... my mom and I had a great time! Lots of goodies... lots of wonderful people to chat with! 

This is a list of some of what I bought...

  • A whole BUNCH more Copic markers... tee hee! This is where I spent most of my money. Thank goodness for plastic! Ha!
  • 2 More Outlines stamps for my pin/earring creations... just wait until you see the finished products!!!! 
  • 9 different colors of Pearl Pens to use for my pin/earring creations... YIKES! :0)
  • Paper
  • Stickers
  • Stamps - Huge Fish Stamps (for the boy cards, of course!), Magnolia stamps, a really beautiful cross stamp, etc...
  • Pearlescent Paint (like Sparkling H2O's
  • Stamp Pads
OMG! Just so much... and here's the clincher!!!!!! Wait for it...


Wanna know how? I was selling stuff at this one booth... (they had the Copics) I was getting women left and right to buy these people's markers. HA! So she gave me free stuff for "commission". Ain't it awesome? 

Ok, well enough rambling for now... I'm ready to play and create! Happy Stamping! 

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  1. oh i wanna go shopping with you for sure! all sounds super!

    hugs :)