Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dew Drop Tutorial - Customize those pesky things! LOL!! :0)

Ok, so here's the long awaited super special spectacular tutorial. LOL!!! I hope you all like it! I was farting  messing around last night and thought of this... I had to immediately call my fellow crafty mother and share!! Tee hee! Then, I set about drinking some margaritas and fell asleep... doh! LOL! So this morning, I set about making a tutorial to show you all what I created (mom even added a tip!). Here goes...

What you'll need:
* Clear Dew Drops *
* Any kind of Stickles (diamond used here) *
* Any kind of Paint Bead Pens (Viva Decor Pearl Pen used here in Chrome Silver) *

The picture shows Bronze... tee hee! I changed my mind! :)

I started out by laying out the clear Dew Drops on my card where I wanted them. You can see here how they look before adhered to the paper. 

I chose the Chrome Silver because it would go best with my silver ribbon I added at the top. You can get these Viva Pearl Pens at Outlines. They are awesome! 

I moved my Dew Drop over and am getting ready to add a small drop of the paint pen to the paper. (Do a test paint drop on another piece of paper so you don't ruin your card by getting a HUGE pile of paint instead of a drop. Trust me... LOL!)

Your paint drop will be fairly small... too much and it will smoosh out from under the Dew Drop (that is a technical term BTW). It is probably equivalent to about a size 10 crystal??? 

Place your Dew Drop carefully over the paint blob (another technical term... LOL!!!) and push down gently. Too hard and it will smoosh as stated before. ;0)

Et viola! You have colored sparkly Dew Drops to match your card. 

Here's another clear Dew Drop... prepared for a case of the Stickles (sounds like a disease, doesn't it! ROFL). 

Make sure and do a "test-stickle" on another piece of paper first so it doesn't blob out (get it... test-stickles... oh boy! LOL!)

The "blob" of Stickles... ready for it's Dew Drop...

Stickle Blob + Clear Dew Drop = Sparkly Drop! Oooooh pretty! :0)

Finished card with Silver Chrome Dew Drops

So there you go... let me know what y'all think. And feel free to post pics of your creations. I think you can do that in a comment, right?? Well anyhoo... enjoy! I've got more to come! :0) Chow for now! 


  1. First your cards are beautiful! Love the coloring and designing of each one! If you would like you can add your tutorial to The Outlawz! I would love it if you did! Top tool bar -> Tutorials -> PDF... Click Add at the top of the page! Hope to see it there for this is an awesome idea! Hugz Colleen

  2. Thanks Colleen! I will add it... that sounds awesome! :)