Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh Edward! Oh Jacob! Oh incredibly hot vampire boys we should be too old to drool over! LOL!!!! I LURVE TWILIGHT! :0)

Ok, waiting for the Twilight cards???? Here they are! Stick around for more. I'm on a Twilight roll! Tee hee! ;0) These are all very simply made using the Immortal Love papers, scrap packs, chip board elements, etc... among a few things "laying" around the craft room... like ribbon, dew drops and the like. Hope you likee! 

Blue Rose - Front

Blue Rose - Inside

With Flash

Without Flash - Better Pic?

Close Up Detail

Coast - Inside

Coast - Inside

Eclipse Snow Storm Shaker Card - My Fave Scenes

Shaker Card - Inside


  1. Love you "stuff", girlie! Saw all of your cards and earrings @ The Outlawz site. Fantastic!

  2. Thanks Rox! I'm on a total Twilight kick right now! LOL!!! ;0)

  3. What pretty cards! You do a lovely job! Thanks for visiting my site! Have a great day! ~Chanda

  4. Awesome cards! Thanks for sharing :)