Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank SHOE...

Here is the card to go with my sentiment... it's a CAS thank you I made for a friend. :0)

Shoe Detail

Card Front

Inside with Sentiment :0)

I've really enjoyed making these sentiments... I think I'll have to do more! Tee hee! 


  1. Angie, I love your sentiments (LOL)! I always love something different and this is so cute!

  2. I'm glad you like them! :0) I'm going to try to come up with more... I just haven't thought of anything clever yet. Ha ha!

  3. the pun-ny sentiment!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you are enjoying the word art!

  4. What a fun card!! I love light hearted sentiments and funny is just what I needed this morning! I'm following ya now !

  5. Too cute! I used to run and they never had any running stuff.