Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twilight Cards!!!!

Ok girls! I've made about 8 new Twilight cards now! I'm still crafting away... but I'm going to take pics and post what I've got so far! ;0) I'm going to try to post pics tonight... I've been seriously slacking on my picture posting lately! LOL!!! Sorry 'bout that!


  1. I just became your newest follower..I'm just now getting into digi stamps...also, would love it if you decided to follow my blog. also, I would love to see your twilight cards I'm a big fan of twilight...


  2. Oh...Twilight? Did someone say TWILIGHT?!!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - always appreciated, and glad you are enjoying the freebie wordart. There's another one up on my blog tonight if you're interested!

  3. Oh yes! I did say Twilight! LOL!!! ;0)

  4. Welcome Minta! :0) I left you a message on your blog and became a follower.

  5. Hey Marlene! I'm totally lovin' all the snarky sentiments you've been putting up lately. I think I'm gonna work on snarky cards once I get over my Twilight kick! LOL!!!! ;0)