Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twilight Digi Stamps Links

Ok, so I thought I'd share some of my Twilight digi stamp links. I tried to respond to a comment left and for some reason blogger won't let me??? Ugh! LOL!
I get a lot of my Twilight digi's at Pixie Dust Studios
I also get some at the following sites as well...
The Greeting Farm (has both rubber and digi's)
I swear KNOW I'm missing someone... so I might have to make another posting later. LOL! I've also gone to Google and searched for Twilight digital stamps. If you click on the images tab you can find other artwork out there. I've used a few of those for my cards... giving credit to the artist of course! :)
FYI - The Greeting Farm has different names for their Twilight characters. Here is a list of The Greeting Farm name and it's corresponding Twilight character in case anyone needs it. :0)
Daniel = Carlisle
Odette = Esme
Camille = Bella
Edward = Edward (Duh! LOL!)
Ebony = Alice
Hugh = Jasper
Jeremy = Emmett
Joyce = Rosalie
Joseph = Jacob (before wolfing out)
Michael = Jacob wolf boy


  1. You are awesome! I am headed over right now! My friend is gonna freak out when she gets one of these cards. hugs and love!Kelly G The Pink Crafter

  2. Hi Kelly! Thanks for the vote of awesomeness! ;0) Tee hee! I am so addicted to Twilight... I spent TONS of time trying to find anything I could. Let me know which ones you end up getting. Talk soon!

  3. OMG! I just went over to Pixie Dust and she has more stuff now! LOL! I had to buy the Water for Elephants "Edward" aka Jacob Jankowski. Have you read the book or seen the movie? Let's discuss, shall we?

  4. OOOH...I love Twilight. :) thanks for sharing! Will have to check it out!

  5. Hi Angie! I found your blog on The Outlawz follow me forum. I am now a follower and am also a big twilight fan!

  6. Welcome Sharri! Glad you found me! :) I love Twilight and Vampire Diaries. LOL! I should be making even more stuff soon! :)

  7. Hi Angie! I LOVE Camille by TGF but, I had NO IDEA that she was Bella, lol! BTW, I found you at The Outlawz.


  8. I know Naomi! Isn't that awesome? LOL!!!! Welcome to my blog! :)

  9. Angie, OMG! I went to Pixie Dust Studio and bought the entire Twilight collection! Of course while browsing I found her Royals collection. I also adore the Queen so I purchased a few of those as well. Kathy is soooo nice that she sent me the water for elephants digi free! I love Rob, even in digi format. He he. Thank you so much for the links. You can check out what I have made with them so far at http://possibilitiesinpink.blogspot.com/
    I am going back this weekend to get the Harry Potter collection. She said she has more Twilight in the works, like Carlise, Esme and Jasper and I would assume a Renesme too. You are the bestest!

  10. Oh Kelly! You just made my day! Pixie is coming up with even MORE Twilight digi's?!?!?!?!?! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! (Running around in circles screaming like an idiot.)

    Shoot, I was excited about the Twilight ones I didn't even mention the Harry Potter stamps. LOL! I got all of those too! Karber also has some Harry Potter if you're into that as well. OMG, I'm so excited now I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with! Thanks for letting me know... your creations were AWESOME BTW. I left you some love on your blog. :) Talk soon... hugs!