Monday, June 13, 2011

Anyone else having problems with Blogger???

ARRRRRGH!!!! I'm getting so frustrated! I keep having trouble with Blogger. I can't respond to comments left on my blog or comment on other blogs. Has anyone been having this issue lately? Any suggestions on how to fix it????
For example, I tried to post a comment on Sharon's blog in regards to the blog candy and couldn't. It just goes in circles... sign in... then submit comment... sign in... etc... again and again... ARRRGH! ;) (Frustrated! Can you tell???)


  1. You betcha!! I can't believe that Blogger will let me post this comment as it's the first one for quite a while now.
    I have heard they are working on the problem but I've had a horrible time with commenting for over a month now! Hopefully the issues will be resolved soon!

  2. I know... yeesh! It's getting kind of irritating. LOL! :) I'm glad it's not just me though. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Try a couple of things.

    1. If you're using Internet Explorer as your browser, switch to Firefox or Chrome. (Much safer anyway).

    2. It's only the blogs that don't have a pop up for comments that are having the issues, as I understand it.

    3. Uncheck the "remember me" option before attempting to comment on those blogs.

  4. I have been having the same trouble, except for the ones that have the pop up for comments. Those ones seem to work fine. Or if it has the Name/URL option then I can use it. It is very frustrating!!! Hope they fix it soon.

  5. When you sign into Google Uncheck "Stay signed in". That fixed the problem for me.